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Friday, April 18, 2014


Riding pants: American Apparel
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Crop top: c/o Pop Couture 
Shoes: Topshop (last year) similar here
Bag: c/o Pop Couture (old)

I've literally had this post hanging around in my draft archives for ages, and just never got round to posting it. It's a bit of a standard one, but an outfit that highlights my key pieces for spring: white shoes, high waisted ANYTHING, and crop tops, crop tops, crop tops. I'm also never going to get tired of carrying this cute little rucksack around, and think I may take it travelling along with a tan coloured one I brought with me when I last went travelling and found it so to be so practical and handy :) I look back on these photos green with envy of my newly cut & coloured hair too, as I sit here with roots galore and split ends (isn't it fun being a girl sometimes?). Hope everyones Easter's are going delightfully, and I send out my greatest sympathies to anyone in dissertation and other deadline hell right now. WE CAN DO THIS!!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Best thing I have ever put on my face...

Now I know you know from the glaringly obvious title of this post that I'm going to give Pixi Glow Tonic a rave review, but I want to you to give me a chance to explain to you why!

I always sort of felt like there was something missing from my skincare regime that was lacking the wow-factor, but considering I am usually pretty awful at keeping up with the whole '2 litres a day' thing and that I cannot kick the annoying habit of touching my face when I'm nervous,  I understood that I probably would never find one product that improved my skin to a point where I am happy with it. I'm not going to say Pixi Glow Tonic has done this, but I still have to sing its praises and brand it a wonder-product, as it's got me just that bit closer to my happy (skin) place. The Glow Tonic was first hyped up by the fantastic Caroline Hirons; a skincare goddess whose recommendations are enough to cause a product (or entire line) to sell out in a matter of days. After reading her review, and hearing only good fantastic things about it, I went on a major hunt. Sadly, Pixi used to only sell glow tonic in their London store, and whenever I swung by they had sold out (understand the 'Hirons effect' now?!). When I heard Pixi were finally making it available online, I promptly added a bottle (and highly considered two, but was told to calm it by the measly contents of my student bank account) to my cart and waited in excitement. When I received the parcel, I found that Pixi had been sweet enough to throw in an eyeshadow as a surprise complimentary gift with my order, which was pretty lovely of them. 

The Glow tonic can be used as a daily toner (morning and evening) between cleansing and moisturising. What's so special about it, however, is the fact that it not only tones, but also exfoliates. This means if you're not a fan of those horrible gritty scrubs which can be a little harsh on sensitive skins, this is perfect for you. The key to the other beauty of this product is in the name: the 'glow' factor.  It refreshes skin whilst adding such a lovely brightness, which I think is so unique to this toner. Other toners I have tried (from Liz Earle and Kiehl's) have been nice to use, but I never felt they added a huge amount to my regime. This on the other hand completely does, and I just really enjoy using it every morning and evening. I also like the smell of the tonic, and the slightly tingly sensation it leaves on your skin for around 30 seconds after using it. It has also helped to clear up my skin a little bit too, and I have noticed an improvement in the overall texture and appearance. The only downside to this toner is how quickly it gets used up. I haven't actually heard anyone complain about this, so maybe I'm just being a little generous with my usage, but I haven't had it long and am already a 1/4 of a way through it. I will definitely be repurchasing but at £16 a pop it isn't the most purse-friendly product for a student. 

That being said I do really love Pixi Glow Tonic and would recommend it for all skin types, especially those who find scrubs to be too harsh or abrasive. The tonic is one of my favourite skincare bits I've tried in a long time, so if you are considering ordering a bottle, I would say go for it!


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