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Sunday, August 02, 2015

'What's in my Beach Bag?' with Boohoo

The lovelies at Boohoo recently asked me to reveal what will be in my beach bag when I head on holiday to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks time. I've always enjoyed reading posts and watching videos with the 'what's in my bag?' tag, and really love the summer beach bag spin Boohoo has given in this little challenge! 

So I'll stop chatting on and get right to it - here's what I will be packing in my beach bag: 

1. The bag itself (c/o Boohoo): Keep it bright & made from straw! 

2. My favourite magazine: Yes, maybe I'm a little biased, but there's nothing like kicking back on the beach with the newest issue of GLAMOUR! 

3. A pair of ray-bans: keeping your eyes shielded from the sun is super important on holiday, and Ray-bans are just the bomb.com. 

4. A bottle of water: staying hydrated on the beach is also crucial. 

5. An iPhone with a cute case (SkinnyDip) and a pair of good headphones (Frends): to listen to alllll those summer tunes while laying back and catching some rays! 

6. A cool scrunchie (American Apparel): Remember that time Carrie said scrunchies were totally over? Well, they're making their way back in, and are perfect for scraping back hair when you get a little hot on the beach. 

7. A beach cover-up (Boohoo): This cool crochet frayed dress is ideal for throwing on top of your bikini and heading to the beach-bar. 

8. A good book: I've been waiting to read Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman since it came out, and my holiday will be a perfect time to start it. I'm also going to be bringing my Costa Rica guidebook, so we a. don't get totally lost and b. can throw out a few Spanish phrases. 

9. A cosmetics bag: I would never go to the beach without my SPF. This summer I will be using P20 on my body (after a colleague's recommendation) and Kiehl's factor 50 on my face. I will also be bringing along Sachajuan's salt spray, Chantecaille's Just Skin base and a great Paw Paw lipbalm. 


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