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Sunday, October 25, 2015

3 Lesser-known beauty brands to get excited about

LONG TIME NO BLOG: a phrase that has never been more appropriate. The last couple of months have been mad, and have included a trip to Costa Rica and being very busy with work and other things, which has meant my blog has been pushed to the side a little. I'm going to make much more of an effort in coming weeks to get back on the blogging hype, and am starting right here! So ANYWAY... the following are 3 really great beauty brands that are either fairly new or not as well-known as the big players which get a lot of hype from beauty bloggers and journalists: 

1. Smith & Cult: The brand that has all the key ingredients: a stunning product, interesting, luxe packaging and an incredibly passionate & savvy brand ethos. The ladies behind Smith & Cult are friendly, creative and have history in the beauty world, and more specifically in nails. Remember Hard Candy? Well, one of the creators is now a co-founder of Smith & Cult, meaning you can be sure she knows what she's doing. Perfect for christmas presents due to their lovely appearance, these polishes ensure a shiny finish and come in a range of beautiful colours. My favourites are Lovers Creep and Vegas Post Apocalyptic. 

2. Frank Body: Originating in Australia, this new body brand offers products which are all coffee-based (coffee addicts rejoice - it's no longer just for drinking). The owner of the brand owned a coffee shop, and was surprised to find many women came in asking for cups of ground coffee beans. He discovered they had been using the beans on their skin, due to their many benefits on acne, cellulite and other numerous issues; this is when he started his own brand. The coffee scrubs, which come in a range of flavours (with cocao being my ultimate fave - it's literally like rubbing coffee and chocolate into your bod) leave skin seriously soft, and the effects are amplified even more by the gorgeously-scented body lotions and balms to use afterwards. 

3. Oskia: Loved by many bloggers, and yet still fairly unknown to the "outside" world, Oskia is a skincare brand worth its salt. Its hero product is of course the renaissance cleansing gel, but I also love the Get up and glow serum, which I use as a part of my morning routine. My favourite thing about Oskia is its brand integrity. Speaking to those who know the brand well, I've learnt so much more about good and bad ingredients used in skincare brands, and truly believe Oskia cares about its customers and the safety and condition of their skin, and uses the very best ingredients with the very best benefits. 

What are your fave lesser-known brands?


  1. Lily Pebbles talks about Oskia, I really need to try some items from them. Thanks for sharing these other brands. will certainly check them out!


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