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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Cream Blush convert

So I am not a cream blush girl. Or I never was. Due to my combination skin I always found the cream blush to slide down my face by midday and cause my face to appear almost a little blotchy. But since I started blogging I have been exposed to the world of cream blushes and have strayed from my usual NARS or Sleek powder formulas. The following blushes are (excuse the pun) the cream of the crop and have been tried and tested by yours truly after reading pretty fantastic reviews on some of my favourite beauty blogs. 

 1. Bourjois cream blush pot in 02: Healthy Glow: New to the market, the Bourjois mini pot cream blushes are extremely cute and hyped up on the Blogsphere. I love this shade as I am a fan of peachy blushes, and this is one of the best. The formula is slightly powdery which is why it works so well on my skin. 

2. Maxfactor Miracle Touch creamy blush in 14: Soft pink: This is undoubtedly my favourite of the bunch. Admittedly I have slightly stolen this from my Mum's makeup bag after hearing SO much about it lately. The texture of this is its best feature as it is almost like a cream/gel hybrid and stays put on the skin whilst adding a really beautiful glow. 

3. Revlon Photoready cream blush in 100: Pinched: This was the first cream blush I picked up and admittedly, although it's not my favourite, it is still the product responsible for me delving deeper into the cream blush phenomenon. I especially like the colour as it is subtle and pretty; a good starting point for cream blush-a-phobes. 

4. Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose: I bought this aaaaages ago, as in years, and so admittedly I'm pretty doubtful they still do this shade, but have a search at the Topshop makeup stand and you will be sure to find something similar. This shade is a really bright, shocking pinky colour which has to be used sparingly but really brightens up your face. The formula is not my favourite as it can get a little chalky, but I am a big lover of Topshop makeup, and I also own this blush in an old colour, 'Butterscotch' which was a beautiful champagney gold which I used as a highlighter. 

So there it is, I am an official cream blush convert. Although I will occasionally reach for a powder blush, I think cream blushes will be my summer staple. 

Are you a powder blush or a cream blush girl? What are some of your favourite blushes? 



  1. I want to try the Bourjois one, I think it'll work we'll as its slightly powdery x


  2. I've just got a Topshop one as my first cream blush, and I'm still deciding whether I like it or not haha :)


    1. oooh let me know what you think when you decide! :) x

  3. I love the look of all these blushes, they're gorgeous! I love cream products xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. The Bourjois ones are so pretty; considering getting Nude Velvet as well as this one (hoping they're still in stock). How do you find is the best way of applying these? Some people are all about the stippling brushes but fingers seem equally as good! xx


    1. I find the best way is to use your fingers but if you need some help blending I use my buffing brush! :) x

  5. Actually i prefer powder blush but I buy a new blush by KIKo and it's a beautiful cream blush ( and red lips)




  6. great post, i love creme blushers over powder. & really like the swatch of the max factor one since it still retains a creamy look. thanks for the recommendations!


  7. The Max Factor blush is an incredible colour, this was such a good post :)



  8. Oh yeah my powder blushes have been very neglected lately.. I only have the Revlon cream blushes thus far but I'd love to try the ones you have! Lovely post!


  9. I've actually been using a Bobbi Brown cream blush for years but am slowly branching out into the other brands. I have the new sleek palette although so far I've been too scared to try the cream blush in there!


  10. i really understand your point about cream blushes, it happens exactly the same to me, with the topshop one, i have for almost a year, but i cant say yet if i like it or not, the finish is kind of powdery or dusty, i dont know.

    i saw a tutorial on youtube that says that you can add a tiny bit of moisturizing cream in the blush, so it blends better when you apply it :) i have to try it and see if helps.


    1. ooooh thanks so much for this tip, will definitely have to try! :) x

  11. Really lovely post! Have you tried the BB blush from L'Oréal Paris?

    Christina xx

    1. I haven't no, but I've been looking at it so may have to try it! :) x

  12. i'm a fan of more peachy blushes too and the top one looks gorgeous!

    bec X

  13. nice haul and review, I never used cream blush before but would like to try that out. and the peachy tones here looks pretty sweet <3

    Check out my new all-black outfit post on blog! :)

  14. I love cream blushes, they always have a perfect finish to them! Great post!


  15. I've recently fallen for cream blushes too. I don't know why I ever doubted them haha.



  16. I absolutely love cream blushes too. I think Illamasqua are my favourite but I also love Topshop, I think the colours they come out with are always so pretty!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  17. the borjois and topshop ones looks so amazing! have not loved cream blushes so far but maybe after trying those two will be converted too ;) thanks for sharing your opinions!! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  18. Love the Top Shop blush! Really nice blog xx


  19. You take such lovely photos :)
    I know exactly what you mean about suddenly being tempted by cream blushes, I was never ever interested until I kept reading about them everywhere and now I find myself swatching them obsessively in shops and being generally indecisive about how much use I'll get from then! I'm now thinking of picking up the Max Factor one tomorrow lunch time xx


  20. I love cream blushes too! Think I have to check out the max factor ones as everyone in the beauty world is raving about them! lovely post! xxx Em


  21. Thanks for popping over to my blog! It's greatly appreciated. I'm definitely going to try that bourjois cream blush, perfect for summer!

    Sherry x



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