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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Best of the Bases

I have a confession to make: I am OBSESSED with buying new bases. One of two situations may occur: I read a great review of a base on a blog or I see a new BB cream/foundation advertised and BAM, something just comes over me. I think it's just that irresistible pull of the possibility of flawless, magical skin that gets me every time. Along the way I have tried and tested bases that I both love and loathe, and here is my ultimate guide to some of the best...

The best of the BB's: BB cream is, of course, a relatively new phenomenon. I sampled many since they first hit the stands, and really wasn't a fan of the formula as I prefer a heavier coverage to feel comfortable and confident about my skin. I do however love the Diorskin Nude BB creme and the Dr Jart BB, especially in the summer. The Dr Jart is lovely for on holiday for boosting your tan and giving a light coverage poolside (and has an SPF). The Dior BB creme is gorgeous for home and holiday, and gives the ultimate 'your skin but better' with a gorgeous velvety texture. 

The Drugstore Picks: I used to be such a foundation snob, but there are actually some incredible options on the 'high-street' which are affordable and do a great job. My all time favourite drug store foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (the serum-gel formula). This, along with my close second (Rimmel's Wake me up foundation) are perfect for combination skin on the oily side like my own. They provide a perfect medium coverage glowy finish which is not at all greasy. This is hard to come across, even in more expensive formulas. A foundation I would recommend for normal-dry skin or to anyone wanting a lighter coverage (but heavier than a BB) would be Revlon's latest base offering: Nearly Naked. This gives a completely natural finish and glow, and feels light on the skin. I ALSO really like the Vichy Dermablend foundation which gives great velvety high coverage, but again, I would recommend this more for drier skins as it can be a little greasy for me, especially on the T-Zone.  

The High-End hereos: If you have more of a budget, I would definitely try some of the higher end options, as most feel luxurious and 'expensive' on the skin. Dior's Forever Foundation is quite possibly my all time favourite base, as it gives perfect coverage and more of a matte finish; ideal for skin like mine which can get a little greasy throughout the day. I would not recommend this for dry skin however. Nars' Sheer Glow Foundation and YSL's le teint touche eclat are foundations I would recommend for drier skin types. I found them a little too on the greasy side for my skin, but know others with normal-dry skin have loved them and said they give a gorgeous glow. 

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  1. My thoughts are literally the same as yours! I'm an oily combo too abd a big fan of Healthy Mix. Loved Sheer Glow and Le Teint Eclat but they were not ideal for my skintype. In terms of bb, my fave is still the Garnier BB for combination skin!

    Love Zoe x

    1. I will definitely have to try this one, thanks! x

  2. I realy like the Dr. Jart BB cream.


  3. Heard so many good things about Nars foundations I tried the sheer matte formula and despised it though :( right now I'm using a really good BB Cream from Garnier!

  4. I so badly want to try the dior one! I love my Dr Jart, Sheer Glow and Healthy Mix. Sadly the bismuth oxychloride inside the YSL made me spotty, wasn't beautiful! Amazing post here!X


    1. I didn't get on with the YSL foundation either as it was too oily, so I definitely think it's tailored to suit certain skin types! x

  5. While I always find foundation is the best make up product to invest in, I still hold Bourjouis' range of healthy mix foundations are hard to beat. I have yet to try the gel version, I tend to stick to the liquid. It's next on my list though! ;)

    1. I completely agree, I actually think the only foundation I've tried that would rival it would be the dior forever! x

  6. I also have combination skin and I absolutely love healthy mix, I do like the serum but I actually prefer the regular foundation. I'll keep an eye out for the Dior Forever foundation too next time I'm thinking of buying something more expensive as it sounds lovely.
    Rosalie x

  7. I love Rimmels wake me up foundation, what do you use to keep a matt finish throughout the day? I too have skin on the slightly oily side, I like a dewy finish but shiney is a no go!
    Fab blog
    Kayla xx


    1. I use the Dior Forever foundation (or the BB cream) which gives quite a matte finish and I think is good for oily skin :) I also powder it with the Soap and glory one hell of a blot powder or the new chanel powder which is more glowy xx

  8. i've not tried the NARS foundation but i do love the tinted moisturiser! xx

  9. wow so envious of your collection! I've been meaning to try out the nars sheer glow and ysl touché eclat for some time. they are on my wish list!

    thanks for sharing - i love your blog



  10. Great post! :) I really like the Dr Jart one, it's great for summer. I'm definitely going to pick up the Dior one, I've read so many rave reviews about it! x


  11. Oooooh these are all products that I want to try! I've read so many good reviews of the Dr Jart Bb cream. I will probably try out that one first.

  12. I loveee this post! I think my favourites are the Dr Jart+ BB cream and the Revlon one! I'd love to try the Dior one, maybe when I have more money ey?
    Fashion Ganache.

  13. Hi becky, Just to let you know i've tagged you in my latest post :) (it's a beauty tag) check it out!

  14. I used Vichy for a while. It was surprisingly good!


  15. I love the bourjoir healthy mix foundation. At the moment I am also liking the bodyshop vitamin e cool bb cream although as far as I am aware it only comes in one shade :/


  16. I'm so glad you included the Diorskin Nude BB cream as I've had my eye on this for a while, and I agree with your opinions on the Bourjoir Healthy Mix and the Vichy so we must have a similar skin type - thank you!
    Love your blog!


  17. Absolutely dying to try the Health Mix serum! High on the list :) Great review


  18. lovely post! i loooove ysl le teint touche eclat xx

  19. I love Bourjois !!! And the Health mix foundation is one of my favorites!!!




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