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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Haircare Edit

What do I use on my hair? What are some of my top picks? Read on... (and trust me, this list is NOT exhaustive, I am a hair product FANATIC!) 

My hair is honestly nothing to write home about. After years of dyeing and applying heat to it, the condition has never been great, but I believe I am now using the best products for my hair for it to reach its optimum condition and appearance. I have tried and tested a hell of a lot of shampoos and conditioners throughout my 21 human years, and unfortunately, along with the likes of skincare, this is an area where you have to spend a little more to get results. My go to shampoo/conditioner duos are both pretty pricey, but work like an absolute dream. Along with the Philip Kingsley elasticizer which I use every other wash for a deep condition, I always now turn to the Bumble and Bumble Surf duo and Living Proof's restore partnership. Both leave me with hydrated, glossy locks which result in me needing much less styling. 

However, sadly, I am not one of those lucky girls who can saunter out of my shower and do nothing to achieve gorgeous, glossy, smooth waves (I'm looking at you Kate from Lost...are we actually expected to believe she had perfect glossy hair CONSTANTLY whilst shipwrecked on a deserted island for months without once even appearing to pick up a hairbrush?). Rant over, my point is, my hair DOES WHAT IT WANTS usually, so styling products are necessary. 

THEREFORE, after a good wash with the afore mentioned, I will whack on some Moroccanoil (the queen of hair oils) and either dry my hair or let it dry naturally for less heat exposure. When it's dry, I spritz on some of the Lee Stafford heat protection spray (it smells amazing...and it's PINK) and work in some Bumble and Bumble de-frizz serum. Next, I style my hair by creating waves with my ghds in layers, and when I'm done I will either use a curl spray like Toni & Guy's sea salt spray or Bumble and Bumble's surf spray, or some texturising spray like the V05 one with some of their root powder. Last, I finish with a shine spray, like the Charles Worthington Shine Booster. As you can see, I think it is  much easier to spend less on styling products and still get results.

What do you use on your hair? Follow me on Bloglovin' HERE if you have enjoyed this post. 



  1. Ooh I've been dying to try the Bumble and Bumble surf combo! Would you recommend?

    1. YES! amazing shampoo and light conditioner, do it! x

  2. I love Moroccanoil it's a lifesaver!! I like the sound of the Bumble and Bumble Defrizz, would love to try it x


  3. This is seriously helpful, I'm terrible at haircare!

  4. I can totally relate to this. I don't have the hair that I can just let it dry after the shower either. I use Bumble and Bumble prep and Moroccan oil too. It totally helps because I've always highlighted my hair too


  5. Moroccan oil is amazing!


  6. Thanks for the post. I can't live without VO5 give me texture and Toni and Guys sea salt spray x And your hair in the last post looked amazing x


  7. I definitely need to invest in some of these.


  8. Ah I am sooooo wanting to try bumble and bumble products! They look and sound soooo good! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. My hair definitely needs a lot of loving right now. I have to try the Moroccan oil as everyone raves about it!


  10. Wow you do use a lot of products on your hair! That was a fun post, I feel the same about those girls who have gorgeous hair but actually take 3 hours of styling to achieve the look! Not everyone is a movie star with personal hair dressers ;)

    Cute And Wild


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