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Monday, April 15, 2013

Dior, Dior, Dior...

A few days ago my two friends and I headed to London to check out the Dior exhibition at Harrods.  We had wanted to go for a while, but when we arrived we couldn't believe that we were told the exhibition was not open to the public after 6pm (we arrived at 6.15). It was now guest list VIP only. But did we give up? Of course not. The (VERY) well dressed men on the door took a bit of convincing, but we managed to talk our way onto the guest list, and were greeted with champagne. 

The exhibition itself was short but stunning. There was so much to look at and see, making it extremely visually impressive and beautiful all round. The exhibition showcased interesting displays and outrageously gorgeous dresses worn by the likes of Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn. It gave an inspirational and profound taste of what Dior was really all about, and highlighted what Raf Simons is capable of for the future. 

The day ended with trips to Space NK and & other stories, in which a serious beauty haul took place. We then headed over to Sketch and had some delicious cocktails and smoked salmon bagels, and the most interesting toilet experience possible (individual white pods with a voice over through some speakers...amazing!)

It was a stylish, interesting and fun day, and Emma, Emma and I would like to thank the lovely people at the Dior exhibition for giving us the chance to witness the display in person VIP style (and of course for the free champagne)!!  

Did any of you guys get the opportunity to visit the exhibition? What did you think?



  1. I love DIOR!!! :*


  2. I haven't had the chance to see the exhibition but I've read on other blogs too that it's really good! I'd love to go but I don't think I'll get down in time :( Thanks for sharing this with us though!

    Louisa's Notebook

    1. It was lovely, but sadly the exhibition finishes sunday. I am crossing my fingers for some more lovely exhibitions this summer though, and will always show and review them on my blog :) x

  3. Nice work getting in as a VIP, always love some free champagne :) I really love your outfit, that pink top is gorgeous!

    Lottie x


  4. great post and your bag is gorgeous:) looked like a really cool day and I love how you got VIP access haha!

    amy xx


  5. You both look lovely and I seriously want to check out the Dior exhibition, it sounds and looks amazing

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. Aw thanks :) It was actually the last day yesterday :( such a shame as it was lovely to see x

  6. Lucky you bagging VIP and champagne. I went in Sunday and it was so pretty. Looks like you had a lovely time x


  7. This looks amazing! Might have to take a sneaky trip down to London!

    Karen xx

  8. Wow this looks amazing!!!

    Love your bright pink top!


    Stevie x

  9. I am soooo jealous! haha I wish I could go! :) You looked gorgeous too by the way! xx Em


  10. That looks SO amazing, I really wish I lived closer to London!


  11. As a lot of people have said, I adore your pink top! Do you mind me asking where it's from? Emma xx


  12. Becky, here at Chic Trends UK we are loving your blog. Please keep up the good work because we'd love to come back for more fabulous reads! Also, the dresses behind the glass are amazing. Breathtaking!

    Check out our site if you've got some time! x www.chictrends.co.uk

  13. I love this post... and I love Sketch! I agree the toilets are so amazing there :) xx



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