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Friday, April 12, 2013

Purchased in Paris/Airport Haul

Left to right: Eyelure Girls Aloud 'Sarah' lashes, Bioderma Sebium H2O, Bioderma Crealine H2O (double pack), Maybelline Clolour sensation lipstick in shocking coral, Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in 04 Petal Shimmer, Barry M Gelly nail polish in Lychee, Bioderma Sebium Al Correcteur, Urban Decay All Nighter make up setting spray, Bumble and Bumble 'defrizz' (mini), Bumble and Bumble Thickening hairspray (mini). 

Now, for any beauty blogger, it goes without saying: A holiday=a holiday HAUL. And sadly, I couldn't even wait to get onto French territory before I whipped out my credit card...the haul began at THE AIRPORT at 8am (I'm ashamed). So enough of my rambling, here is what I purchased:

Bioderma goodies: Of course I had to do the obligatory pharmacy trip to stock up on Bioderma. It actually took me a little while to find a good deal on the Crealine H2O which I eventually managed to pick up in a double pack for an impressive 18.50 (euros). Considering I had bought a single bottle in the UK for a whopping £25, this was a major triumph, and if I'd have had more suitcase space I would have gone for more. I did also pick up the Sebium H2O and the Sebium Al Correcteur in a duo pack. So far I have really enjoyed the Sebium H2O, which is good for oily, spot-prone skin. I use it after my cleanser and feel it really unclogs my skin well. As for the 2-in-1 tint corrector product, I'm just not sure. I just don't GET IT. It has a colour corrector green balmy thing which you pat onto blemishes and then a tinted moisturiser BB cream-esque product which you rub all over your face. I think it's just a little dark for my skin, and I just don't really understand the green thing, but it was worth a try. 

Eyelure 'Sarah' lashes: Pretty self explanatory...lashes...impulse airport buy...you get the general idea.

Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick in Shocking Coral: Another day, another lipstick. And another airport purchase; it is just such a super pretty bold pinky coral colour and is really moisturising on the lips. It also smells like marshmallows (strangely enjoyable). 

Clarins Lip Perfector in 04 Petal Shimmer: This one is a brand new shade not out in the UK until next month. So of course I had to grab one whilst I was in Sephora (AND, it was the last one...SCORE). I read about these on Vivianna does makeup but never picked up any of the original shades. They have such a lovely texture (completely non-sticky and moisturising) and the colour is a super cute sheer baby pink. 

Barry M Gelly Nail polish in Lychee: This is the one shade I was dying to try after reading about it pretty much everywhere, so when I was at Boots at the airport and realised the 3 for 2 deal was still on, this was pretty much a guaranteed buy. The colour is a perfect nude, and the formula is long lasting and hi-shine. 

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray: I moaned about the price of this setting spray when I reviewed The Avene spray , but I guess I caved when I saw it again in Sephora. And I'm SO glad I did. This stuff keeps your makeup in place for hours (the lady on the stand told me 16 hours which is perhaps a little ambitious but still!) and it is a great alternative to Mac's fix plus. 

Bumble and Bumble Mini Goodies: I picked up the de-frizz which is a serum formula, and the thickening hairspray. I am yet to use these bits but will report back. I bought them both in the mini versions as BB can be pretty pricey and I wanted to test them out before I got the real deal! 

If you enjoyed this post, have a little peek at what I got up to in Paris and look at a few pictures here. And remember to follow me on Bloglovin' here if you enjoyed visiting my blog :) 



  1. Lovely haul! Did you purchase the Bioderma products in a pharmacy at the airport or when you were out and about in Paris?
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. Thanks lovely :) I got them in a pharmacy when I was wandering around Paris! definitely worth shopping around though as the prices really vary x

  2. Nice products, especially love that bright red lipstick!

  3. Definitely going to pick up some Bioderma when I go in August!!:) x


  4. The BarryM gelly nail polish is great!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm going to follow you on bloglovin!^^


  5. Great haul! Love bioderma too, such a great product x


  6. Great hail hun! :) I adore Bioderma and I use it all the time; fab product! <33


  7. I need to go to Paris, even if its just for the pharmacies! Need some bioderma in my life

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  8. Great products, and great blog :)

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    come take a visit to my new-opned blog www.themichellec.blogspot.com


  9. Love the color of the lipstick and the lashes look super cool! Thank you for sharing! I liked your blog a lot and decided to follow on Bloglovin! Can't wait to see your next posts :D

    I hope you come by and visit me too, and maybe follow me?

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    Stay in touch!


  10. I need to get my hands on some Bioderma products! I've heard so many good things!


    1. You really should they have some great bits :)

  11. Cool! :)


    A chic kiss ;)

  12. Nice haul! (might be a bit jealous over here..:P) I really want to try bioderma as well as the Barry M gel polishes! The polish just looks awesome! xx


  13. Hope you had a nice time :) I have those bumble and bumble products and really like them :)
    So jealous of your bioderma goodies!! What bargains xxx


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