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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Trip Down Memory Lane: A Perfume Post

In the two years I have been blogging, I've never written a post about all things whiff-related. So I thought it was about time to round up some of my all time favourite scents which make the boys swoon (or not...they are just super duper pretty). The one thing I both love and hate about perfumes is their ability to take you back to a time or place from the past. The correlation between smell and memory has been proven countless times, and I for one can associate nearly every perfume I own with something that has happened in my past. This means that one sniff can tell a story: be it one of rainbows and sparkles or loss and not such fun times. So as well as touching on what I love about these scents, I've also had a little trip down memory lane in the following run down: 

The Jo Malone Favourites: Everybody loves a bit o' Jo Malone, and no wonder. Her truly unique scents  are unlike anything else you can buy. My favourites include Vintage Gardenia (big bottle- discontinued), Blackberry & Bay and Pomegranate Noir (2 small bottles). The most 'memory-inducing' of the three is without a doubt Pomegranate Noir. Every time I wear it I think of my Mum, as it was her who introduced me to Jo Malone; PN being one of her favourites. Jo Malone scents are very potent and sophisticated, and Pomegranate Noir is the truest representation of this I think. 

The one that reminds me of an ex: On my 22nd birthday, I spent the day with my boyfriend of the time, as well as one of my best friends. I was given Diptyque Philosykos from my parents earlier that day, and was wearing it when I left the house. Because it's such an intense scent, it stayed right under my nose the entire day. Every time I smell this now, I think back to that day and what I was doing and how I felt. It reminds me of people that are maybe no longer around in my life and of a summertime spent with friends and surrounded by romance. Despite this (or maybe because of this), I really love this smell, and even more so because it is not a pretty, floral scent but an almost unisex, plant based scent: right up my street. 

The rollerball from my travels: When I was travelling last summer in America, myself and my tent buddy Helen took an entire free day to go shopping in San Francisco. People thought we were sort of mental seeing as we could have spent the day seeing the beautiful sights of the city, but instead tirelessly wandered round drug stores and tried on bras in Victoria's Secret. In truth, it was one of the best days I had on the trip. After a month of camping and being deprived of any pampering time, spending a day with one of my best makeup-loving girl pals doing something only girly-girls do was so special. To cut this (incresingly long) story short, we went into Sephora, and I bought a rollerball version of Elizabeth & James Nirvana. It's the white version of the duo scents by the Olsens, and is just super pretty and feminine. I wore it for the rest of the trip. 

The Uni perfume: When I was at uni, naturally I was crazy skint. I guess it's just a right of passage: every female undergrad (unless you are fortunate enough to have some well-off parents) goes through the agony of lusting after clothes, makeup and shoes that they just can't really afford. I remember one day I ran out of perfume, and was dreading forking out a hefty sum for another bottle. I was in Mac with a friend, and as she was buying something, I picked up their Turquatic perfume at the counter, and  after a single sniff (and after learning of the very modest price tag) practically threw a bottle at the cashier. Everyone's really surprised when I say one of my favourite scents is from Mac because most people don't even know they make them. It is so fresh and sort of tropical smelling, and really really affordable. 

The all-time fave: Oh Chanel. Is there anything you can't master? Clothing, accessories, makeup and perfumes: you rock the shit out of them all. That's why I am not surprised my all time favourite perfume is from the luxury brand, and why I am not ashamed to shout about it. Although the price tag is not so boast-worthy, the smell really really is. Chance eau Fraiche is citrusy, fruity and fresh, and sort of smells different throughout the day, which I really like. I like to think of this as my lucky perfume too, as I have worn it at some major events in recent years: my graduation, my job interview for SHOP, all throughout my work in Amsterdam, the list goes on...

The scent from my teenage years: What really attracted me to Marc Jacobs Daisy is the bottle. Like most beauty-obsessed teens, I liked anything big, bright and bold that stood out from the rest. With its large flowery lid and minimalistic font, Daisy had it going on. It's a fairly sweet scent which I would say is quite girly, and isn't one I wear much these days. When I was younger, however, it was all I would ever reach for. House parties, sixth form and nights out with fake ID's would all see (or sniff) Marc Jacobs Daisy, and not just the perfume either: I at various points owned the shower gel, body cream and shimmering body butter. Now that's dedication. 

The current choice: Reigning in a new year and a new start is Prada's Infusion D'Iris. This is another scent that, like the Diptyque and Jo Malone in my collection, reflects my love of perfumes that are just a little different. It's a smell which you can't quite put your finger on: floral but not girly, fresh but also a little 'spicy' and unique to its very core. It's also very grown up. Which is why I guess I am wearing it now. I am, after all, officially over the hill at the grand old age of 22 (kidding...kinda). I got it for Christmas last month, and so it's been my scent of choice for all the new experiences I am having now, and for working life. It will be interesting to see what it reminds me of in a few years time! 

What are your favourite perfumes and what do they remind you of? 


  1. Oh my god, 'the uni perfume' made me lough so loud! I'm in tears, this is literally me right now! Other than that, great post! x

  2. Oooo I absolutely adore Daisy! Haha I love perfume in general and especially looking back on the perfume I always used to use at certain times in my life! Great post :)

  3. I love how strong scents can bring back memories. I have quite a few perfume related ones as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. ohh i'm such a perfume lover<3
    i'm really curious about the Elizabeth & james Nirvana because it is something new to me, I've never heard about it..

    my favs are definitely Chanel, I have pretty good memories with Allure Sensuelle (my high school years trying to act like a grown up) and right now I'm seriously obsessed with Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt(:

    xx, Cate // kate/idoscope

    1. I really want to try Wood Sage & Sea salt, I have heard so many lovely things!

  5. wow you have lots and lots of perfume! I am currently using Britney's Midnight Fantasy :)

  6. Wliff-related - actually still giggling about it
    I love perfume and own far too many!

    Jenn from jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Really like this post and can relate so much to them taking you back to a specific lifetime event.. I am still yet to try out the Jo Malone fragrances, probably because I'm still the skint uni girl:')

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  8. ahhh I love the pretty packaging on all of these perfumes! something so great about the scent of perfumes from the past! thanks for sharing this. I loved it! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  9. Such a lovely post and I definitely agree that certain scents can bring back memories or create new ones <3 I love the sound of the Jo Malone perfumes and really want to try the sweeter scents from the range x


  10. Really enjoyed this. I LOVE the the top on the Daisy, by Marc Jacobs, perfume. So much fun x


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