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Sunday, March 22, 2015


Shoes: ASOS
Dress: New Look 
Polo neck: Gap 
Bag: River Island

If there's one thing I can't ever get enough of, it's a wee bit of shoe art (I did try to combine the words to come up with a nifty one worded combination of the two, but upon looking up the word 'Shart' on Urban Dictionary I realised it wasn't quite right). These ASOS beauties are literally what a shoe addict's dreams are made of. Upon seeing them online, I was totally in adoration of them, but convinced myself they were too outwardly ridiculous to actually purchase. 4 days later and the strain of staying away from them was just too much and I caved. They are utterly bonkers but that's what I love about them. The hot pink hue and cute little heal (not to mention the elastic pom poms) just made for the most irresistible footwear. When I got them out of the box they just made me smile :)

Aside from receiving my weekly shoe art, the past 7 days have been pretty chaotic but glorious. I have been interning for The Debrief, and can honestly say that so far it has been one of my all-time favourite placements I have undertaken. The team is young and so friendly, and the site is full of hilarious and refreshingly open articles which 20-somethings actually really want to read and know about. During the week I have assisted on a shoot, got to go to two press events- one a beauty launch and the other where I got to meet Rita Ora- and the press conference for the new Cinderella movie. I have also had a couple of pieces published, which you can read here and here. It has been a great chance to get more experience and to meet some lovely people, both in the office and at the aforementioned events. It's also pretty damn handy that the office is located right near one of the only Crosstown doughnut stands in the city...coincidence? I think not. 


  1. I noticed both those shoes and the dress on the Asos website-very cute picks! May I ask how the sizing on the dress runs? Thanks!

  2. that dress looks so lovely on you!

  3. 1. Those shoes are incredible!
    2. Love the outfit.
    3. That lipstick looks amazing on you.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  4. I'm loving how your lipstick matches your shoes!!!! They are super cute, loving the whole outfit, it looks great :D


  5. absolutely gorgeous Becky, that pink pom pom shoes is so cute, love how you've matched your lippy with it :)
    your placement just sounds amazingly fun <3


  6. Love your bag =) The shoes are so cute =)


  7. Gosh, you look so beautiful! I really love how you've styled this look from head-to-toe, particularly the bright pink flats :) I've followed you on Twitter by the way and hope to connect with you over there!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  8. Loving that denim dress; looks lovely on you. And those shoes are such an incredible colour! x

  9. Becky these shoes are so fantastic. I get what you mean... they're kind of out there but I can sense this weird urge to make them mine?? They suit you wonderfully though and I'm glad you made the purchase! Great to hear you're loving your placement too! :-)


  10. Wow your shoes are just awesome ! Si girly and perfect for spring !

    Kiss ma belle ! Yuyu


  11. Amazingly styled outfit - LOVE the shoes!x

    Electra Violet ||


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