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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beyonce 'Mrs Carter Show' Tour

Queen B

In honour of Beyonce's upcoming 'Mrs Carter Show' tour, I thought I'd do a little post about all things Queen Bey. 

Myself and my flatmates are hoping to swoop in and nab some tickets before they sell out (we know, a major mission) and have been planning our tactics all week (5 laptops, lots of coffee and Beyonce tunes- obviously). I can honestly say I have been waiting to see the all-singing, all-dancing diva for the most part of my life as she is a huge idol of mine and pretty much everything she does I admire. 

Here's a little list of my top 5 girl-power, 'diva-in-charge' songs (correction, SIX; I tried to cut it down to 5, it was downright impossible):
1.) Run the world (Girls) (4)
2.)Irreplaceable (B'day)
3.) Diva (I am...Sasha Fierce)
4.) Best thing I never had (4)
5.)Freakum' Dress (B'day)
6.) Ring the alarm (B'day)

So turn up your speakers and pray for tickets this Thursday/Saturday! 

(the other queen) B. 


  1. please add a google friend connect so i can follow, i love your little blog :)
    it's under the settingsy bit, then layout and add a gadget, it's followers gadget, not google plus :)
    pop over and say hello so i can find your blog again to follow.
    laura xx

  2. Hi Laura,
    aww thankyou, will definitely have to do that! Just had a peek at your blog, it's so lovely!
    B xxx

  3. she is actually just perfect. <3 <3


    1. My thoughts exactly! your blog is lovely! :)

      B xxx

  4. beyonce is just a fashion diva


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