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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Benefit Triple Performing facial emulsion SPF15 moisturiser: THE REVIEW

'A moisturiser? From Benefit?' I hear you scream. 

Benefit has always been great for most things, I say as 'Coralista' blush, 'Browzings' brow kit, '10' highlighter and the brand's most recent hit 'They're real' mascara sit in my current everyday make up bag. But moisturiser? 

So I know what you're thinking. It would not be my go-to counter for a new skincare product either. Or at least, it wasn't before I was given a sample of their new(-ISH) facial moisturiser; Triple performing facial emulsion. The stuff is actually a god-send, it really is. When I started using one of my samples (I was generously given three) I'll be honest, my skin was struggling. I had had a few late nights and one too many sugary treats, and therefore I was pretty sceptical that a change of moisturiser would make any difference. But it really did. The consistency is definitely something to write home about for one, as it smooths on to the skin like a dream and is almost gel-like without being greasy. It is not too heavy and smells amazing too. You are told to use the moisturiser in the mornings, but I came to love the stuff so much that I started using it at night too. As well as working wonders for my skin and giving it a certain glow, it has an SPF15, so it's a real win-win product and I will definitely be back to the counter soon to buy a full sized bottle.

Speaking of, the product sells for £19.50 a pop; not cheap, but as I find skincare incredibly important, I would argue it is worth the investment. Go and pick up yours today or swing by and ask the lovely ladies on the counter for a sample if I haven't already convinced you...


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