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Friday, February 15, 2013


Palmer’s ‘Skin therapy oil’ has been a product close to my heart for a while now. After reading about it online, I went straight out and bought a bottle (and managed to get there just on time as Boots were promoting a half price deal for a limited time only!). The oil is best applied after a shower or bath, into towel-dried skin. I had actually never been a fan of body oils and would always have called myself a body lotion girl, as I had always found oils a bit greasy and slow to absorb into the skin. If, like me, you have these worries about body oils but want to try them out, I would definitely recommend giving this one a whirl. In my experience, it absorbs quickly into the skin in a non-greasy formula and smells like cocoa butter and Christmas :) It also says on the bottle that it is great for scars and stretch marks, so would be good to check out if you suffer from either. 

I asked my roomies to give it a try and let me know what they thought, as I wanted to see how the product fared for others. The general consensus about the consistency of the formula was that it was indeed non-greasy and absorbed into the skin well. One of my flatmates Shelley is not so keen on oils in general, so was not a huge fan of the formula, but adored the smell. My other flatmate Judith found the opposite; she liked the oil but detested the smell, even claiming she had to open the window to air out the smell (a little dramatic if you ask me ;) ). My other friend who tried the oil, Mimi, said that it can be slightly greasy, but this soon goes away when the product is absorbed. This is one thing they all agreed on: it was excellent for dry skin and is a great substitute for highly intensive moisturiser.

After hearing their views on the oil, I decided it was a sort of ‘game of preferences’. If you hate oils, this is probably not for you. BUT, if you are willing to give them a try, this is a great place to start, especially if you have dry skin, and I suggest trying it just for the delectable smell…mmmm.


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  1. I may have to try this! thank you for following!


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